I found the field trip to Adelphi really fun, and I learned a lot about the things I went to. It was awesome!– Carly Feldman, Schreiber High School - A Day with the Arts
The program was an amazing experience and I had such a fun time! I learned many techniques that I could definitely use for the future and I got to learn about many things whether it was how to stage fight or speak in a british dialect. I had a great time at the field trip and it was also fun when Lindsay Mendez talked about her rise to broadway! It was a great trip.– Daliah Bernstein, Schreiber High School - A Day with the Arts
The students had a wonderful day and experience. Can’t wait for next year!– Sylia Walsh, Teacher at Copiague High School - A Day with the Arts
Thanks so much for having Schreiber come to your event! I had a lot of fun and I feel the activities I participated helped me with my acting skills a lot. You did a very nice job of placing us with people from our school as well as other schools so we had the opportunity to make new friends while still having people we knew in our classes, making it less awkward towards the beginning. I was able to find all my classes well, and my favorite class was Improvisation for Actors because it was fun thinking up things on the spot. Acting with Accents was also very cool, and I had a lot of fun doing a British accent, which will help me in future shows. And also Lindsay Mendez was AHH-MAZINGGGGG. Thanks!– Kelsey Weisburd, Freshman, Schreiber High School - A Day with the Arts
Attending A Day With The Arts was a wonderful experience and I’m really glad that I went. I had a ton of fun working with both my friends and complete strangers on many different aspects of theatre. I learned how to raise my confidence and get people to laugh through stage improvisation, how to stage a mock battle at theater combat, and how all the technical aspects of lighting work. All of these workshops were incredibly interesting, and I continued discussing and practicing what I learned with my friends for days after the trip. It was also great to be able to attend the interview of Lindsay Mendez, the actress currently working as Elphaba in Wicked. I would like to thank Adelphi University for this great opportunity.– Jesse A. Epstein, Junior, Schreiber High School - A Day with the Arts



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