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Calling all future business moguls, artists, writers, performers and journalists!

Through our special event series, we provide enriching experiences for high school students and offer an opportunity to discover and explore their passion at Adelphi University. Our goal is to create a fun, engaging environment where students can develop relationships with our expert faculty, as well as gain valuable “real world” insight from esteemed keynote speakers and panelists for their specific field of interest
Attending A Day With The Arts was a wonderful experience and I’m really glad that I went. I had a ton of fun working with both my friends and complete strangers on many different aspects of theatre. I learned how to raise my confidence and get people to laugh through stage improvisation, how to stage a mock battle at theater combat, and how all the technical aspects of lighting work. All of these workshops were incredibly interesting, and I continued discussing and practicing what I learned with my friends for days after the trip. It was also great to be able to attend the interview of Lindsay Mendez, the actress currently working as Elphaba in Wicked. I would like to thank Adelphi University for this great opportunity.– Jesse A. Epstein, Junior, Schreiber High School - A Day with the Arts

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